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Rexton Accord 2c

Features at a Glance: 
  • Mini BTE, Discrete and Economical
  • Excellent High-Definition Sound with Noise Supression
  • Fully Automatic program changing and adjustment
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Rexton Accord 2c hearing aids feature the company's newest TwinCore processor for the most realistic and comfortable HD listening experience. This mini BTE hearing aid is both discrete and stylish at an economical price!

The Accord 2c series is available in the Open Ear Mini BTE style with an almost-invisible clear tube system. These hearing aids provide fully-automated technology for people on the go. Rexton Accord 2c also offers high-reliability and easy maintenance with SecureTec Nano Coating for water, sweat and dust resistance as well as C-Grid Wax Protection. You will be able to enjoy the conversations you've been missing with the Accord 2c. The Accord 2c is available in two technology levels and is suited for mild-to-moderate hearing loss.

Great for first-time wearers

Rexton Accord 2c is easy to fit, which means few office visits. It's small, easy to wear and hard to detect. Accord 2c open design makes it comfortable; the unpleasant plugged-up feeling people experience with traditional hearing aids is avoided.

Wireless Features

With the optional MiniBlu remote control, you can stream sound from your MP3 player, mobile phone, television and other audio devices directly to your Rexton Accord 2c hearing aids.

Fully automatic

Rexton Accord 2c hearing aids are fully automatic, which means you don't have to worry about changing programs or adjusting volume. But the added benefit of MiniBlu gives you the flexibility to change programs manually and control volume if you choose.

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